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Unfortunately, we only support those two options for uploading yourself at this time. Strava is a free service and imports from most other tracking formats, so we hope you find it convenient to use their upload. However, if you would like to keep track of your activities manually and email them to us when you've completed your event, we will be happy to add them for you.

There are two common reasons. First, we do not look for activities from before the beginning of the first event that you participate in. For example, if it's Monday, your event began on Sunday and your last ride was on Saturday, we won't pick up that activity. Second, if your activities are marked as private on Strava, we do not attempt to access those activities.

If neither of these scenarios applies to you, please email us and we will attempt to track down your missing activities.

Unfortunately, Garmin has made it very expensive for developers to access Garmin Connect for you. As a very young company, we cannot afford it. Instead, we upload your activities directly to Vamovo using the Garmin Communicator plugin.

To make your Garmin activities show up on Vamovo, use our upload page. You can navigate there using the menu under the cog in the upper right-hand corner of your screen (when you're logged in) or the large green button in the activities area of the event page.

If you are not interested in figuring out the upload process, but track your progress elsewhere, please feel free to email us when your required mileage is completed. We'll add it to our systems for you.

Garmin's upload software runs directly in your browser rather than on our servers. We find that most upload errors from Garmin are the result of that software's not supporting all browsers equally. We've found that Chrome and Firefox browsers have the highest success rates.

Garmin has two types of software available for pulling activities from your device onto your computer. One is called Garmin Communicator plugin and the other is called Garmin Express. Garmin Express does not support third party uploading, so you'll need to be sure that you have the Communicator plugin installed in order to upload to Vamovo. You can check whether you have it and download it if you don't here. Note that this page requires you to allow the plugin to run in order to detect it, just as Vamovo's upload page does.

If you would like to get your upload to work and these steps don't help, please feel free to email us a description of what you did, what you are seeing when you run into trouble and what you expect to see. We'll work on getting you squared away.


First, check that the product that you're trying to purchase falls within the rewards outlined on the event page.

While you're welcome to email Vamovo, we don't control any of the functionality on our sites run by our brand partners. You'll get faster service by contacting their customer support directly if you're having trouble with checkout.


There's a big button that deactivates your account on the account management page. Sometimes that gets clicked accidentally. We're happy to reactivate your account if you send us an email.

In very rare cases, we might deactivate your account if there is suspicious activity or abuse. If you email us about an inactive account and we have deactivated it, we will let you know why.

We don't use (and therefore don't store) any locational data about your activities. Whether you upload from Garmin or Strava, we only store a name (or make up a generic one if it's not available), time started, duration, mileage and elevation gain.